Integral Forklift Scale

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Integral Forklift Scale
Select manufacturers offer new forklift trucks equipped with a METTLER TOLEDO scale. The scale is an integral part of the forklift carriage, not an attachment. The scale is installed at the factory and is supplied fully calibrated and ready for weighing. Wireless communication between the carriage and scale controller eliminates weighing problems caused by cables binding and downtime due to damaged cables. An integral forklift scale can save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation.
Features and Benefits
• Scale capacity: 5,000 lb (2,000 kg)
• Wireless communication between scale carriage and controller
• Solid steel carriage provides exceptional durability
• Carriage provides maximum visibility for operator
• Scale controller features easy-to-use touch screen
• Fully calibrated at the factory
• Legal for trade

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