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WIM (Weigh In Motion) Systems
When Speed is critical and vehicle weighing is an integral part of the operation, the METTLER TOLEDO® Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) system provides significant cost savings and other advantages over other weighing systems, such as axle scales and full-platform scales.
The METTLER TOLEDO® WIM System includes two compact staggered scale platforms. As a vehicle crosses the scale, software calculates the individual wheel, axle, and gross weights captured by the system's powerful industrial computer. The data can be sent to a CRT, scoreboard, hard drive, printer, or to a remote device. The system can also control traffic lights and gates and interface with cameras or AVI (automatic identification equipment).

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Features and Benefits
Staggered platform configuration eliminates need for costly and maintenance intensive axle sensors.Eight load cells per system results in superior weighing accuracy - even at speeds up to 80 mph.Auto-calibration via the static scales interface eliminates costly regular calibration.Rugged construction ensures reliable operation and long life.Designed to comply with ASTM 1318-02 requirements.Stainless steel, hermetically sealed load cells provide ultimate corrosion protection.Stainless steel sheathed load cell cables provide extra level of lightning protection.

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ApplicationsWeigh In Motion (WIM)

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