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RAININ accessories are designed to facilitate the use of pipettes, but also to protect these high-performance instruments.

From a variety of proper pipette storage options to energy supply for electronic pipettes to practical reservoirs and shaft filters, these accessories help you to make the most of your pipettes.

AR-BAAdditional NiMH Battery-pack for AutoRep E 
E3-WPSWall Power SupplyEDP3 
E3-RCSRapid Charge StandEDP3 
6101-049Rapid Charge StandEDP1 
6100-080NiCad Batterie BatteryEDP1 
6107-040Litium-Ion BatteryEDP3 
RV-L2525 reagent reservoirs75 ml capacity 
RV-05050 reagent reservoirs75 ml capacity 
6190-221Filters100 pcs. for 20ml pipettes 
6190-222Filters500 pcs. for 20ml pipettes 
6190-164Filters100 pcs. for 5-10ml pipettes 
6190-165Filters1000 pcs. for 5-10ml pipettes 
CR-7Carousel StandPipet-Lite, RAININ Classic, E-Man, EDP-3, Pos-D 
HU-M3Magnetic hang-upsPipet-Lite, RAININ Classic, E-Man, EDP-3, Pos-D 
HU-S3Shelf hang-upsPipet-Lite, RAININ Classic, E-Man, EDP-3, Pos-D 
HU-A3AdapterMultichannel, EDP-3, E-Man, Pos-D 

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