Accessories (Cooling Systems, Sample Robot ...)

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Accessories (cooling systems, sample robot ...)
Optional equipment and expansion options for every TA application.
Numerous accessories, such as DMA and TMA measuring systems, various cooling devices or automatic sample changing systems guarantee the optimized operation of the thermal analysis system.

DMA Deformation Mode - 3-Point Bending 
Piercing lid for Aluminum Crucibles 
Sapphire Disk for Platinum Crucibles 
Special Aluminum lids for 30 μl and 70 μl 
Sealing Disk for High Pressure Crucible reusable 
Seal for Medium Pressure Crucible, KelF 
Burst Disk for High Pressure Crucible, Nimonic 
Crucible Demo Set DSC 
High Pressure Crucible Sealing Tool 
Sealing Press for Crucibles 
The DSC-Chemiluminescence System 
Special Aluminum lids for 150 μl 
Standard lids for Aluminum Crucibles 
DSC Ceramic Sensor MultiSTAR HSS7 
Crucible Demo Set TGA 
Crucible Handling - Funnel 
Die and Plunger for Al Crucible Light 
Indium Pills for Temperature Calibration 
Tool Kit for Toggle Press (for disposable HP crucible) 
Gold Wire for Temperature and Enthalpy Calibration 
Lid with 50 μm hole for Aluminum Crucible 
Special Aluminum lids for 900 μl 
Crucible Handling - Tweezers 
Die and Plunger for Hermetically Welded Crucibles 
Tin Pills for Temperature Calibration 
Metal Rods for High Pressure Crucible Sealing Tool 
High Pressure Crucible Sealing Tool for Nimonic Crucibles 
Paladium Wire for Temperature Calibration 
Crucible Handling - Needle Standard 
Die and Plunger for Medium Pressure Crucible 
Lead Pills for Temperature Calibration 
Sapphire Discs for Calibration 
Crucible Handling - Needle Thin (0.35mm) 
High Pressure Crucible Sealing Tool Accessory - Crucible Holders 
Crucible Handling - Crucible Holder 
Automatic Sample Robot 
Cooling Options for DSC, TGA and TMA 
MultiSTAR HSS7 DSC Sensor 
TMA Measuring Modes 
DMA Deformation Mode - Shear 
DMA Deformation Mode - Single Cantilever 
DMA Deformation Mode - Dual Cantilever 
DMA Deformation Mode - Compression 
DMA Deformation Mode - Tension 
Gas Controller 
MultiSTAR DSC Ceramic Sensor FRS5 
The DSC-Microscopy System 

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