Pua579(X) Stainless Steel Drive-through Scale

Industry:Meat Industry
General Product Information:
<b>PUA579 – the new stainless steel drive-through scale – a milestone for industrial applications.</b>Whether certified according to GMP or in conformity with EHEDG – the PUA579 drive-through scales meet the highest requirements.The stainless steel scales are available in different standard- and free-size dimensions.They are suitable for loads from 300 kg to 1500 kg, having a standard resolution of 1x3000e.The low overall height of 35 mm respectively 45mm allows smooth driving via a ramp – a pit installation becomes redundant.Thanks to new product options and a wide range of accessories, the PUA579 can be very well adapted to your demands.<b>GMP</b>The GMP approval allows use in chemical- and pharmaceutical branches where easy cleaning and hygiene are indispensable.<b>EHEDG</b>A drive-through scale and its accessories which meet the highest demands regarding hygiene in food industries. *Strain gauge technology4 beam load cells guarantee precise weighing results.<b>Plug n’weigh</b>The metrological parameters are memorized directly in the weighing platform – the terminal can be exchanged or replaced as desired, also in applications subject to obligatory verification. Cable lengths up to 100 m are possible.<b>Dimension (Length x inner width)</b>standard: 850x850mm; 1500x1250mmfree-size: 750x400mm – 1500x1500mm<b>Resolution</b>standard: 1x3000e single rangeoptional: 2x3000e multi range, 3x3000e multi range, 2x3000e multi interval or 1x6000e single range.<b>IP Protection</b>The stainless steel weighing platform is protected according to IP68 and dedicated for use in wet areas. <b>Overall height</b>35mm up to 1500x1250mm45mm up to 1500x1500mm<b>Material</b>standard: stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI304optional: stainless steel AISI 316..<b>Accessories</b>ramps, set of foot plates, lifting device, cable IDNet/analog in different lengths. <b>Surface</b>optional: ground material: surface roughness <1µm.<b>Cleaning and service</b>Thanks to the „open construction“ of many models, cleaning and service are very easy.<b>Use in hazardous areas</b>PUA579: category 3G/DPUA579x: category 2G/D<b>More Information</b>For more information go to: <a href='http://www.mt.com/global/en/home/products/Industrial_Weighing_Solutions/floor_pit_palette_scales/PUA579.html?crel=GLO_BuPo_IND_MePro_PUA579_20090521-1' target='_blank'>PUA579(x) Stainless Steel Drive-through Scales information</a>

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